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Lunar Way is a free banking-app, which makes it easy for you to handle your personal finance.
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A banking app doing everything you need to manage your personal finances.

“Lunar Way offers all you need from your bank, even more - all without being one!"

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  • Bank account
  • Contactless Visa card
  • Banking app
  • Money transfers
  • Pay bills
No need to change bank

Use Lunar Way as a supplement or move all your banking activities.

Cards you want to show off

Our aesthetically designed cards support contactless payment.

Get more with Lunar Way

We offer extra products, which you can add on.


Travel Card

Avoid hidden fees when you travel and shop in foreign webshops


199 DKK/year

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Travel insurance

Lunar Way offers one of Denmark's cheapest travel insurances with no excess and no hidden fees.


From 15 kr./month.

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More questions?

Here are the frequently asked.
Is Lunar Way a bank?

No, we are not a bank. We think that the banking sector needs a change regarding technology, experience and design.

Do I have to switch bank when I sign up for Lunar Way?

That is up to you. You can choose to be a user of Lunar Way and still be a customer in your current bank. You can also choose only to be a Lunar Way user.

Why aren’t you offering credit subscriptions anymore?

We have decided to stop selling new subscriptions to our credit because we want to explore the possibility of offering new and more user-friendly loan products - possibly with a higher loan amount - in the future.

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