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Get a credit of 10,000 DKK or 20,000 DKK for a monthly, variable price.
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Subscription based credit

With a subscription based credit, you always know how much you're going to pay.
Transparent low price every month
Transparent low price every month

You only pay for the days you have the credit available.

You don't need to change bank
You don't need to change bank

You don't need to change bank to become a Lunar Way user and get credit.

Fast response
Fast response

You will get response within 24 hours.

Apply and cancel from one day to the next
Apply and cancel from one day to the next

You can freely decide for how long you want the credit.

Credit products

You're free to choose between the credit products, as soon as you have been approved as a user.

10,000 DKK

79 DKK /month

20,000 DKK

119 DKK /month

Peace of mind and flexibility

You will always have an extra buffer available at your fingertips, in case your bike gets stolen or if you are in desperate need of a spontaneous holiday.

How does it actually work?

We have ensured that the credit products are super transparent and easy to understand.

See how it works

Create a free account and become a part of Lunar Way

You apply directly in the app and receive a response within 24 hours.

Pick the credit that suits you

You can apply for either 10,000 DKK or 20,000 DKK and will receive a response within 24 hours.

Instantly accessible

Your credit is immediately accessible once your application is approved.

You can easily cancel your credit

You can easily cancel your credit as with any subscription service. Simply ensure that your outstanding credit is 0 DKK.

More questions?

Here are the frequently asked.
Is there credit on my account from the start?

Credit is not automatically available on your account. It is something you need to apply for once your account has been created. You can apply for credit as soon as you have accepted the agreements.

Is it possible to get credit when registered on the RKI register?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use our subscription-based credit solution when you are on the RKI register. If you resolve your issues with them and are removed from the register, then you can reapply.

What credit options are offered?

We currently offer a DKK 10,000 and DKK 20,000 credit. These will both be granted in the form of an overdraft in your account.

Why did my credit application get rejected and when can I apply again?

Your credit application is reviewed by Nykredit and information about your credit score is unfortunately not passed on to us. However, what we can tell you is that your credit rating is significantly influenced by whether you are a member of an unemployment insurance fund, have a job and receive a regular income. In addition, your fixed expenditures in relation to your income are also important as well as your current debt history. If you have been rejected by Nykredit, you can apply again after three months or if there have been significant changes in your circumstances.

When must the credit be repaid and how much will be due for repayment? And how do I repay it?

You pay a monthly subscription, but you also decide yourself how much of your loan you want to repay. You determine the repayment amount yourself and pay it off by paying money into your account until the account balance is zero. Then you cancel the credit line and will no longer be required to make the monthly payments. You should be aware that you are required to pay for the credit line from the day it is available on your account. However, it can be easily canceled on a day-to-day basis as long as the account balance is in the black.

Can you process my credit application immediately?

Your application will be processed within 24 hours.

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