Travel Card

Avoid hidden fees when you travel abroad and shop in foreign webshops.

199 DKK /year

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Avoid hidden fees

You don't pay any hidden fees, when you use your Travel Card abroad and in foreign webshops.

Benefits of having
a Travel Card

0 DKK in ATM fees abroad2
0% in fees when shopping abroad2
0% in fees when shopping online in foreign currencies2

Save money on your next trip

You pay DKK 50 in ATM fee and 1,8% in transaction fee, every time you use your regular card abroad and in foreign webshops1.

Weekend trip to London


A weekend in London with 5 withdrawals and a spend of 5,000 DKK with your current Mastercard


With a Travel Card you could have saved up to

340 DKK

A romantic week in Paris


A wonderful week in Paris with 5 withdrawals and a spend of 10,000 DKK with your current Mastercard


With a Travel Card you could have saved up to

430 DKK

Backpacking Australia


A trip with backpack to Australia with 25 withdrawals and a spend of 50,000 DKK with your current Mastercard


With a Travel Card you could have saved up to

2,125 DKK

See how much you're able to save in fees



The calculations are examples of how much you can save and is based on an average of the 8 biggest banks of Denmark.

See calculation

Instantly exchange currency

Choose the currency you need in the app - the Travel Card swaps currency on the card instantly

See how it works

Exchange in the realtime exchange rate

We use the realtime exchange rate when you exchange money, ensuring that you always get the best price3.

Forgot your pin code? View it in the app

Avoid situations where you forgot your pin code.

Temporarily freeze your card

Freeze your card to avoid abuse. Unfreeze your card when you find it in your shoe the following day.

Instant notifications

Get notified every time you spend money to maintain control and avoid abuse.

It's not just something we're making up

Banks make it impossible to understand what you pay in fees, when using your regular card abroad.

“The fee for withdrawing cash in ATMs abroad can vary a lot. From nothing to a relatively high fee. The most common fee is DKK 50 […]” says Henrik Stork, Head of Marketing in GE Money Bank.

The currency fees when using DKK abroad raised and is in some occasions close to 500 DKK on a holiday in USA. The prices was raised up to the holiday season and some ways to pay are twice as high as others.

“It is unbelievable witnessing the greed of the banks. They just made a new record in profits and continue draining their customers as they desire.” Pelle Dragsted, Business Spokesman for Enhedslisten.

Watch out for the pitfalls when using your payment card abroad […]. A travel companion in front of the que used the Visa card and agreed for the payment to process in DKK. He paid DKK 317.

Forbrugerrådet Tænk: The rise in fees abroad on Visa cards is illegal: “Danske Bank, Jyske Bank, Sydbank and Nordea raised the fee for using Visa/Dankort in Europe with 50%[…]”

With the price increase on the use of payment cards from Danske Bank and Jyske Bank, will one easily pay a lot of money to the banks when travelling. […] But the money flow to the banks doesn’t stop here. […]

"It rocks! Exchanged at rate 75.77. My friend exchanged at rate 82.00 in the same ATM. We bought Norwegian crowns in the same Nordea ATM in Norway, where I paid ~7 DKK less per 100 NOK compared with my friend."

Jan Ring Larsen


Find the relevant prices for Travel Card below.

Travel Card


Prepaid annual price

199 DKK/year

Cash withdrawal in the Eurozone, USA, UK, Sweden and Norway


Card payment in the Eurozone, USA, UK, Sweden and Norway

0 %

Currency Exchange in the app

0 %

Card blocking


Replacement card

99 DKK

Cash withdrawal in the rest of the world

1.20 EUR

Card payment in the rest of the world

0.40 %

More questions?

Here are the frequently asked.
Why is there sometimes fees when using the card abroad?
  • Some ATMs charges a fee when you withdraw money. This is unfortunately not something we can influence. Additionally, pay in the local currency to avoid added fees by the local shop or ATM.
  • All currency excxhanges on your Travel Card as well as in- and outgoing transfers will be traded at the last closing spot rate plus 0,5% fee, when the foreign exchange market is closed. The 0,5% is to cover us for the risk of large fluctuations in the exchange rate.
  • Can I use my Travel Card in countries other than the available currencies?

    You can use the card in all countries in the world. When you need to use the card in a country with a currency that isn’t available with the Travel Card, make sure that your money on your Travel Card is in Euro. This allows you to use the card in all the countries mentioned above.

    How do I get money on my Travel Card?

    You'll have to have a Lunar Way user to order your Travel Card. You can transfer money to your Travel Card with a transfer from your Lunar Way account directly in your app.

    How do I get a Travel Card?

    You'll first have to create a Lunar Way user. You'll then need 199 DKK in your account in order to purchase the Travel Card, directly from the "Products" tab from your profile.

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