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Travel Card

You pay fees every time you use your traditional payment card abroad - both when you travel and shop in foreign webshops. With a Travel Card you avoid these fees.

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You pay fees every time you:

Pay with your card
abroad 1


for banks


Travel Card

Withdraw cash
in ATM abroad 1, 2


+1,8% per


Travel Card

Shop in foreign
webshops 1, 3


for banks


Travel Card

Your bank makes a fortune when you shop abroad

Your bank makes money off you, when you use your payment card abroad - both when you pay at restaurants, withdraw money or shop online.

We wish to change this. Our Travel Card is a new Mastercard supporting several currencies. You will not have the fees normally added to your transaction whenever you use your Danish card abroad.

It's not just something
we're making up

Forbrugerådet Tænk

Forbrugerrådet Tænk: The rise in fees abroad on Visa cards is illegal: “Danske Bank, Jyske Bank, Sydbank and Nordea raised the fee for using Visa/Dankort in Europe with 50%[…]”

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Berlingske Business

The currency fees when using DKK abroad raised and is in some occasions close to 500 DKK on a holiday in USA. The prices was raised up to the holiday season and some ways to pay are twice as high as others.

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With the price increase on the use of payment cards from Danske Bank and Jyske Bank, will one easily pay a lot of money to the banks when travelling. […] But the money flow to the banks doesn’t stop here. […]

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“The fee for withdrawing cash in ATMs abroad can vary a lot. From nothing to a relatively high fee. The most common fee is DKK 50 […]” says Henrik Stork, Head of Marketing in GE Money Bank.

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Watch out for the pitfalls when using your payment card abroad […]. A travel companion in front of the que used the Visa card and agreed for the payment to process in DKK. He paid DKK 317.

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“It is unbelieveable witnessing the greed of the banks. They just made a new record in profits and continue draining their customers as they desire.” Pelle Dragsted, Business Spokesman for Enhedslisten.

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See how much you can save

Where are you going?

How much will you spend?

800 DKK

in potential fees

The savings are an indication of how much you can save with your defined spending. The actual savings depends on your current bank and your individual consumer pattern.

Choose your currency and save money

The only way to avoid exchange fees is to shop in the local currency. We've solved this by allowing you to swap between several currencies directly in the app.

Choose between Euro, Dollars, Pound Sterling, Norwegian and Swedish Kroner. We are working to add even more currencies, making it cheaper for you to experience the world.

New card with more possibilites

You'll not only save money with your new Travel Card. It is also a Master Card with new awesome features.

Choose and change your PIN, freeze, block or activate your card directly from the app.

£100 Insert card 16DKK
0,00 DKK Fee for your existing bank


Your bank makes a fortune when you travel. Wouldn't you rather spend the fortune yourself?

Yes please!
£100 Insert card
0,00 DKK Fee for Lunar Way

A part of
Lunar Way

The new Travel Card is one of many products offered by Lunar Way.

Lunar Way offers a free banking app with a card and an account, which you will get upon signing up.

Join the waitlist and get the Travel Card when it’s available in your country!

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Only DKK 299 per year

When you buy a Travel Card, you pay one transparent annual price that will save you a lot of money throughout the year.

DKK 198
Cost for card, account and financial infrastructure

DKK 50
Cost for support and development

DKK 41
Cost for transactions and withdrawals

DKK 10
Lunar Way income

More questions?

See the most essential guidance, on how to use your Travel Card most efficiently, below. Find answer to the most frequently asked questions under our FAQ for the Travel Card.

How do I get a Travel Card?

You’ll firstly have to create a Lunar Way user. You’ll then need 299 DKK in your account in order to purchase the Travel Card, directly from the “Products” tab from your profile.

How do I use the Travel Card in other currencies?

You can pay in any currency when your Travel Card is set to EUR.

Why is there sometimes fees when using the card abroad?

Some ATMs charges a fee when you withdraw money. This is unfortunately not something we can influence. Additionally, pay in the local currency to avoid added fees by the local shop or ATM. Read more under the FAQs “How do I avoid fees when using the card abroad” - All currency excxhanges on your Travel Card as well as in- and outgoing transfers will be traded at the last closing spot rate plus 0,5% fee, when the foreign exchange market is closed. The 0,5% is to cover us for the risk of large fluctuations in the exchange rate. Read more under the FAQs “What exchange rate do I get when exchanging money on my Travel Card?”

How do I get money on my Travel Card?

You’ll have to have a Lunar Way user to order your Travel Card. You can transfer money to your Travel Card with a transfer from your Lunar Way account directly in your app.

Check out more answers here

We're almost ready

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1: Average for the 8 largest banks in Denmark when using Mastercard in the Eurozone, USA, and UK. The 8 banks examined are: Arbejdernes Landsbnak, Nykredit, Lån & Spar Bank, Nordea, Danske Bank, Sydbank, Spar Nord and Jyske Bank.

2: We add no fees on transactions and withdrawals when using the card in countries with the currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, SEK and NOK. Find prices for using the card in other currencies in the pricelist. Some ATMs add a fee for withdrawal. The ATM must inform you about this before you withdraw. We are not adding additional fees besides what is reflected in the price list.

3: This applies when the foreign exchange market is open. See the price lists for the fees when the foreign exchange market is open. All currency exchange is processed at the price offered by our partner. It is not price that is managed or monitored by Lunar Way.

This card is issued by Paysafe Financial Services Limited pursuant to a licence by Mastercard International. Paysafe Financial Services Limited is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (FRN: 900015) for the issuing of electronic money and payment instruments. Mastercard and the Mastercard brand mark are registered trademarks of Mastercard International.